> yo im BEN! welcome to my little corner of the internet.

> i'm 16, genderfluid, and pansexual. my pronouns fluctuate, so don't be afraid to ask what i'm feeling today. if you're not sure, they/it is a catchall =].

> i'm an alter in a system! so if i go inactive for some time, you can chalk it up to that.

> i love music! honestly there isn't many genres i don't fuck with, but my favorites are nine inch nails, nine ice kills, slipknot, msi, 100 gecs, elyotto, pinocchio-p, falling in reverse, mcr, get scared, rob zombie, destroy boys, bondage fairies, dead kennedys, insane clown posse, dazey and the scouts, whokilledxix, waking the cadaver, 3oh!3, the neighborhood, and black dresses

> feel free to leave me some music suggestions in my cbox~

> i'm chronically online and addicted to energy drinks

> shoutout to james for bein my biggest fan